Dean’s delivering a message of change for a better Moreton Bay Region.

Who is Dean Teasdale?

First and foremost, I’m a father, I’m Managing Director of the family company.

Why are you running for Mayor of Moreton Bay Region?

I’m standing up for our community to make a contribution so it becomes a better place. I have a strong and vested interest in ensuring it’s a great place for my family to grow-up that our small business can be successful and that it’s a safe place to live and that we have great lifestyle to enjoy here. The community deserves a strong local voice to ensure we get our fair share and a council we can all be proud of.  I want to see a council that excels in delivering the basics and an organisation that has leadership that is focused on that.

What is your political persuasion?

I ran for Councillor in 2008 and 2012 and it’s pretty widely known that I was a candidate for a Federal Seat in 2010. I originally joined a political organisation to make a difference in my local community. The major parties play no real roll in the council elections but there are values there that I will always uphold and one of them is to put the community front and centre in every consideration.  Not to put council in the way of residents and our lifestyle.

What policies are you supporting for Council?

Taking the pressure off cost of living by keeping rates low, capping them to a maximum increase of CPI; Delivering value to residents through things like the returning of the kerbside rubbish removal pickups; Clean up the water mess by regaining control over Unity Water and water charges; Working towards curbing more council debt; Cutting red tape and waste that unnecessarily burdens new home owners; Providing real small business support to the creators and maintainers of local jobs? Protecting and enhance lifestyles through practical consideration for the local environment; Restoring accountability, transparency and respect to the organisation of council.

How are you funding your campaign?

I truly believe in being a local representative, a couple of new pairs of shoes are critical expense items. I enjoy doorknocking. It’s a great opportunity to exercise that old adage use your ears and mouth in the portions that God gave them to you. I enjoy meeting with residents when door knocking and getting a real sense of the issues in the community.

What’s does the future of the region look like?

This is a question that I strike a lot from residents and I am hearing concerns about the future of the maintenance and streetscapes throughout our region. To be realistic I think we need to look at increasing the maintenance of our streetscapes across the region.

Over the next four years of Council there will be some pretty significant growth in the region. Along with that will come the need to fill in some of the gaps in things like public transport links. Improving the road network to work without the need for more traffic lights will be a priority. It is really important to keep supporting the still emerging community organisations which are the real life blood of the community for decades to come. Getting more community facilities rolled-out. Over the next four years can further grow our region as a positive, vibrant and exciting centre.

If you are elected on the Mayor for Moreton Bay Region what’s the first thing you will do?

There is a lot of work to be done between now and the election day. I’ll keep on campaigning right up till 6pm. Firstly I would thank the community for extending that trust to me and undertake to work tirelessly to be their representative for them that I can be for the next 4 years.

Then I’d book a meeting with the newly elected Councillors to discuss the immediate areas in need of action in Moreton Bay Region.

Then I would have to turn to a list of priorities that I have given undertakings to get back to residents on within the first 14 days and it’s a growing list.

I’d schedule to hold the first of the regular community consultations and have an open door policy each Friday afternoon for anyone who has a concern to roll up, no appointment necessary to raise any issue or just have a discussion about local issues. I’d be ready to serve the community and only a phone call or inbox away.


How can people contact you?

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Dean’s delivering a message of change for a better Moreton Bay Region.