Response to a question about Council

As a small business owner, you would understand that happy staff and internal morale is important. Happy workers take ownership of their jobs and are more efficient, with almost no $$$ increase. I understand that staff morale could be better at council. What would you do to address this and ensure the workers feel better and feel valued? Us rate payers deserve efficient and professional staff, not just ‘bean counting’. Is there an issue here or have you thought of how you might look at this aspect at council?
Council’s customer service satisfaction sits at around 90%. I’m sure everyone will agree that whilst this is a very good result there is and will always be room for improvement.

Yes, in small or big business that’s the nature and challenge of customer service.

Council like any other organisation should consistently work towards improving its customer service levels.

As a manager having had exposure to both multi-national organisations, small and very small businesses. I agree in principle with the link between satisfaction, pay and performance.

There are various awards and agreement arrangements in place which determine Council employee remuneration.

There are a number of positive policies that Council could adopt around this issue of satisfaction. I see this as an opportunity towards enhancing service delivery for one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

I have been talking frequently about a Council we can all be proud of. That’s a Council that has a clear direction for the Training and Development needs of its service delivery team.

As our region grows so must our Council as an organisation grow and develop in pace. That’s my focus.

I will have more to say about Council as a preferred employer in the coming weeks.

It’s important to remember that Council as an organisation itself is a significant employer in the region with some 350 different employment roles on offer.

I know the community has a real desire for our Council to be a preferred employer in our region. I think a lot of that revolves around providing more training and development opportunities for the region and promoting from within.

Another important distinction to make is that this election is a battle of ideas and dare I say it politics.

It’s the elected representative arm of the Council in the form of the Councillors and Mayor that are on the battleground here.

The politics here also tells me that the community are all too well aware and understand that Council as an organisation operates in the direction set by the Councillors and Mayor.

Also I think many of the concerns that I’m hearing about Council right now relate more to a lack of consultation, transparency, targeting and the consistency in delivery of services and projects across the region.

A cultural change is required here but that starts and ends with the elected representatives as far as I see the community sentiment.

If you want to change the Council, you have to change the Mayor.


Council as an Organisation – Dean Teasdale Candidate for Mayor Moreton Bay Regional Council