Organising the business of Council

A modern and progressive local government excels in the basics like roads, rates and rubbish.  It consults and is open with the community.  It creates new jobs, cares for the environment and makes sound choices when investing in infrastructure.

That’s the type of Council that I want to lead from 2020 and beyond.

Our Council is in great need of a regional focus on the real business of local government which goes well beyond a development at all cost mentality in favour of developer donor mates.

I know what a good Council should look like and we all know of the bad experience of this one over last 11 years.

That’s experience not worth having and the region cant afford more of the same. We have to change this bad experience.

So talking to you about the structure of Council might not be the most exciting part of my campaign run for Mayor in 2020 but talking about this right now is critical because at this time we want our current Council to be focused on really working for our entire region.

For example Youth and Seniors, Customer Service, Arts, Community and Cultural Services, all require a dedicated ongoing focus and does area of Disability Access and Inclusion.

These shouldn’t be issues of one off importance stunts, spin and fodder for media releases they need consistent representation at the table and in every Council decision being made.

A Rural and Emerging Communities focus is needed to take on the challenge of balancing growth with ensuring that our lifestyles are enhanced across the region.

At an organisational level there is a real opportunity to focus employee development, trainee and apprenticeship opportunities and work experience coordination for mature age candidates.

In the area of Information Technology Council needs to be equipped with communication tools, apps and technology that enhance service delivery and this needs be front and centre.

Community participation in sport and recreation should also become an active focus for Council. I will have more to say on participation.

There’s also a great need the real recognition of volunteer groups including in the area of the environment and conservation for example. I’ll have more to say in that area also.

The following is a list of proposed Committees to achieve those ideal;

Planning and Development Committee
Parks, Sport and Recreation
Environment and Conservation
Regional Infrastructure
Arts, Community and Cultural Services
Youth and Seniors
Health and Community Safety
Economic Development and Sustainability
Tourism and Libraries
Community and Customer Service
Regional Management and Finance
Rural and Emerging Communities
Specific Purposes
Audit – Reporting
Heritage Consultative – Reporting

Council would also establish the following Boards reporting to the Regional Management and Finance Committee with responsibility for the following:

Policy and Administration
Regional Management and Budget
Employee Development
Information Technology
Health, Safety and Environment

Our region deserves a modern progressive community focused local government with a vision for the next four years and beyond.

The policies, ideas and the overall platform that I will put forward in the lead up to the next election will set out a road map for a better Council and a better region for all of us.

The challenges we face from this bad experience are clear.


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Organising the business of Council
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