Our Council should be fair-minded – Relief Tribunal

This Council has consistently increased rates more than CPI – Shame!

Where possible Council should do all things possible to reduce cost of living pressure on residents.

Can I preface this initiative by saying I have made a commitment to not increase rates by more than the CPI.

If elected Mayor of Moreton Bay Regional Council on Saturday 28 March 2020 Council will introduce and establish an Independent Rates Relief Tribunal.

An Independent Rates Relief Tribunal would provide debt relief to ratepayers in financial hardship.

Financial hardship exists when ratepayers are unable to meet basic requirements, including food, clothing, medicine, accommodation and children’s education.

This hardship may occur as a result of illness, long-term unemployment or death of a partner.

Our region and our community are fair-minded and compassionate. In situations of genuine hardship our Council should reflect these core community values wholly.

Water bills also require relief and Council will strongly advocate for community values to always prevail in those situations too.


Our Council should be fair-minded – Relief Tribunal