Koalas on tracks of development

The Moreton Bay Regional Council put a railway line right through some of the most significant Koala habitat in the region.

281 Koalas were reported killed during the construction phase and many more were relocated to other places and their fates were unknown.

I’ve read the scientific reports which contained the stories and images of each of those 281 dead Koala. It was confronting and disgusting and a high price for our wildlife to have to pay.

That was then……this is now.

This guy is in a place that otherwise he would have thrived in but now it’s home to an electric train and not him.

I understand our region wants this to end.

It is an easy thing to say stop overdevelopment….candidates can and do say lots of wacky things none of which will happen.

The more responsible position to take is to say that we have to protect and enhance our environment.

The loss of Koala habitat to make way for development is an unacceptable outcome.

We have to work with the State and Commonwealth to put better protections in place.

We have to work with the experts like our local rescue groups.

As a region this is one of our greatest shames……it seems like an almost daily occurrence.

We can change this.

The opportunity has been ours every four years to change this.

Let’s end the bad old days of this Council.


Koalas on tracks of development