Shining a light on shady deeds

After the recent shady circumstances around the appointment of a new CEO happening at 4:27 pm at a reconvened meeting of the Council that actually started at 10:35 am on the same day…..

A Council I lead would propose to make the following standing orders for Council meetings

  1. A time limit for the conduct of a general meeting be introduced to 3 hours with a maximum extension to 4 hours by resolution that no meeting can extend beyond 11 pm
  2. That adjournments can be no longer than for 10 mins unless by resolution of the meeting which must state the length of the adjournment and not exceed 1 hour
  3. That a meeting must not reconvene in the absence of a Councillor who was present at the start of the meeting unless that Councillor has advised the meeting of their absence for the remainder of the meeting

Further to this, I do believe that some meetings should be held outside of normal business hours to allow for more interested residents to attend.

I’ll have more to say about reforming Councils meeting process during the election campaign.


Shining a light on shady deeds