Dean For Mayor – Moreton Bay Region

My first home in the Moreton Bay Region was a caravan by the beach.

When you look back into life, good times and bad you can see how you become who you are today.

My life has taught me many things and I care about family and I care about the community.

I am not the kind of person who can easily stand back when something needs to be done and that is why I am standing for the next elections.

I’ve been privileged to experience culture and community in far-flung places of the world.

I’ve seen the great cities, the historical centres, the emerging economies, the iconic tourist hot spots. In that cliched way, I love returning to the place I live the place I’ve grown up the place I’ve always called home.

By being in this race to be Mayor for coming up to fours years has been another chapter in my life. I’ve been running this race for ages.

So I can look back now and see that I’m politically fitter, stronger, wiser and will achieve results advocating for my community, our community!

Along the way, I’ve witnessed the struggles we have had forging ahead in a new direction lead by a community decision making, but now a community voice is being heard and new leadership is following.

I’ve been proud to be involved in these battles shoulder to shoulder with my fellow residents of this region.

This is the start of the home stretch. It would be a privilege and great opportunity to be your voice in making our region the best it can be.

I’ve got some big ideas for the future of our region. I’ve got solid policies and reforms to implement. It’s apart of my commitment to now and the next generations of the Moreton Bay Region.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the local government sector. The change and reforms we are seeing will see a more transparent council and a better future for us all.

My role now is to continue my love and passion for this region and combine it with yours.

I will always strive to be a Mayor for our whole region.

My life, the things I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had…….here I stand now, to contribute and to make a better Moreton Bay Region for all of us.

Dean For Mayor – Moreton Bay Region