Fighting For North Lakes

The fight for North Lakes is indicative of Council fights taking place across the region against our own Council and its election donors.

From day one the issues around the closure and proposed development of the North Lakes Golf Course have been very clearly based in the planning.

The devastating consequences of the issue, distress and uncertainty have resulted from very poor Council behaviour.

In my campaign to be elected Mayor of the Moreton Bay Region I talk a lot about ending the bad old days of Council.

We have to Save North Lakes Golf Course and ensure that the bad old days don’t continue into the next term of Council.

The land is zoned open space and yet now there is a proposal to build on the Golf Course which is a prohibited use under the planning.

The prospect of residential development taking place on the open space is absolutely inconsistent with the current planning.

In principle across the region there should be no residential development in areas zoned open space.

That’s the big prize sort here taking land with a low value zoning and converting it into an absolute cash cow as residential use.

Why should any party be able to profit at the expense of the residents lifestyles and property values.

To do so is a prospect better than winning lotto. All you need do is buy open space land in the Moreton Bay Region and then flog it for a use that it was never intended for and the council will be complicit in assisting your profit making if you are lucky.

What I can see in this story is residents who understand this isn’t a fight against one buyer because if they retreat other buyers still may come if not now but maybe later.

This is a fight to get Council to protect and enhance the lifestyles of the residents of North Lakes through planning.

Council must commit all of its available resources to stand firm on the Master Plan for North Lakes the which is called a DCP.  Doing so will send a clear message that they aren’t going to be interfered with ever.

Council and the State Government must maintain some level of respect for the residents and the integrity of the master planning of North Lakes.

The State Government should not sell out the residents of North Lakes on this or any other issue

At the last election Councillors benefited from the donations of the proposed Golf Course developer.

Even in this election there is the potential for more issues to created right now by donations.

We have to stop them now.

Our next Council can never again be elected to serve developers and niche interests.

This election we have to send a loud and clear message that there is a new way forward.

If you want to achieve anything in the Moreton Bay Region it will be achieved through open and transparent conduct  and through the consultation and participation of the community and all relevant stakeholders.

North Lakes residents had a reasonable expectation that there would be some certainty in buying and living in a master planned community and that those plans would have some integrity beyond the next developer coming all to just  make their profits too.

Residents should have been able to feel confident that their own Councillor and Mayor would be in these fights with them to at least listen and one would hope defeat these things together.

There are many issues is this election.  Right up there near the top of the list though is restoring respect and confidence in our Council.

To do so we have to end the bad old days, that’s experience not worth having and not worth repeating.

Standing side by side with residents I will lead the region in a new way forward.


Fighting For North Lakes
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