A Sustainable Regiom

A sustainable region

This Council policy would provide controls that minimise the adverse impacts of disposable materials on the environment, and particularly marine wildlife.

​Its by requiring that single use plastic items be substituted with compostable or reusable alternatives and applies to all Council operations, traders operating with a permit issued by the Council

This would include all events held in public places, where approval is required by the Council.

Compliance with this policy will be required as a condition of approval for all new permits.

I would seek to make it compulsory to avoid plastics and ensure ‘alternative’ arrangements were made at Council functions.

+ Helium balloons are littering and are not to be released, used, sold or distributed. Council would not support any organised release of balloons in the Region.

+ Single use plastic or polystyrene serving materials are not to be used, sold or distributed, where suitable fit for purpose alternatives are available.

+ Single use plastic bags are not to be used, sold or distributed, including for promotional purposes.

+ Bottled water is not to be provided at Council functions where potable drinking water facilities are available.

+ All avoidable plastic packaging, including cling wrap, plastic bags or similar must not be used in the purchase, sale, distribution and transport of food or goods, unless required under other conditions or legislation.

+ Plastic event materials are to be reused where possible, including event signage and promotional banners.

Council must lead the way through better education in terms of recycling and this is an absolute must.

Council must also get behind businesses to grow jobs, and create real opportunities for local recycling to be more effective.


A Sustainable Regiom