Youngs Crossing action is long overdue

Within the first 100 days of a new Council, I will put into action a plan for the in-place solution of raising the crossing above the flood level…..

seems like a sensible solution…..

yes I know it’s an election-time promise.

It also seems like for the past 12 years MBRC has done very little……it’s time for real change.

The other guys have had their turn and they’ve done nothing.

My thoughts are let’s get this done.

That’s electioneering I know…..

but that’s my belief.

I knew the issue last election four years ago and it’s still there unresolved now.

Council needs to lead the way here let’s get the detailed design process happening for a raised flood-proof crossing.

I support an in-place alignment (slight movement North) for the new crossing within the current corridor.

I need your vote and support.

If elected Council would immediately establish a Youngs Crossing Working Group with Councillor, Council Officer and residents members.

Youngs Crossing action is long overdue