Regional Housing Matters Advisory Committee

If elected Mayor on Sauturday the 28th of March I will establish a Regional Housing Matters Advisory Committee to provide timely advice to Moreton Bay Regional Council about delivering affordable and appropriate housing in the region.

It will be the principal consultative body advising Council about its housing agenda.

The Committee will explore innovative housing approaches and engagement; and considers the diverse housing experiences of tenants, home owners, potential home owners and those with very insecure housing.

Homeless will be an important focus for the committee and it would make recommendations as to how Council can supply emergency accomodation and define a pathway from homelessness to permanent housing options.

The Committee will advise Council about:

+ policy, research and priorities relating to municipal housing matters

+ housing advocacy priorities

+ the implementation of a Regional Affordable Housing Strategy

+ ongoing policy work

+ establishing community partnerships and networks to promote participation around housing issues

+ the views and interests of the stakeholders and housing agencies for the attention of Council and officers

+ Council’s future role in affordable and appropriate housing, and

+ event planning for support, collaboration and education on topical housing issues.

The Regional Housing Advisory Committee will have twenty four community members who have an option to commit to a nominal term.

The role will be undertaken on a voluntary capacity.

All community members will be required to either live, work or study in the Moreton Bay Region and be citizens from different geographic locations from the region or citizens who demonstrate strong and relevant links to the Moreton Bay Region.

Community members will be appointed as individuals and not as representatives of an organisation or community group.

Community members will be recruited through a publically advertised call for Expressions of Interest at least every four years.

Council Officers will assess applications against the Selection Criteria and provide a report to Council for approval of selected

Membership of the committee will be broadly representative of the region on issues relating to housing experience and interest;

+ Include the voice of housing agencies and Housing Associations;

+ Include members with ‘grass roots’ understanding of housing issues and their concern to advocate for these issues and for households/groups affected;

+ Encourage participation for individuals and groups who commonly experience barriers to accessing services and decision-making processes; and

+ Encourage representation from individuals with private and philanthropic sector experience.

Moreton Bay Regional Housing Advisory Committee.

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Regional Housing Matters Advisory Committee