Social reconnection – The Coronavirus Challenge

I’ve been speaking to local community organisations about their concerns around accessing Council facilities for a number months now…..even before the impacts of the Coronavirus.

When the time is right I will ensure that all of the available Council facilities, centres, halls and more will be utilised to reconnect our community.

Council has millions and millions of dollars of community assets now sitting idle because local organisations can’t afford the fees to access them.

That will end with me as Mayor.

Immediately theses places will become a key focus for rebuilding community connections across the Moreton Bay Region as a bridge from Coronavirus to the reconnection phase.

If elected it’s my pledge to local not for profits to make available every Council resource to go get these important organisations socially reconnected.

Further to that on an ongoing basis, I will introduce a Council Policy to maintain a register of not for profit local community organisations that are granted free access to all Council owned facilities.

This will include entertainment centres, Council owned pools, sporting venues and more.

Further to that, I will introduce a policy that will ensure our Council pools are accessible to everyone.

Those accessibility measures will relate to both physical barriers and financial barriers too.

Everyone in our community needs to be able to safely access our pools year round.

There’s a need for more ramps and chair lifts, shade covers, pool heating systems and on an individual site by site basis, there are many accessibility constraints that must be fixed.

Financial disadvantage will also be addressed with discounted memberships available for eligible residents including access to discounted learn to swim lessons fully supported by the Council.

Soon it will be time for our Council to commit

all of the regions available resources to reconnecting the community.

These changes will be necessary and will be right for our region.

#NewWayForward #DeanForMayor


Social reconnection – The Coronavirus Challenge