Coronavirus Council Response

If elected Mayor on the 28th of March the flowing steps would form part of a Council response to the Coronavirus.

1. Provide a rates ‘holiday’ for eligible residential and commercial ratepayers;

2. Bring forward as many of the major capital works projects from a five-year infrastructure plan as possible;

3. Request that the State Government provide a no-interest loan to pay for these capital projects;

4. Introduce pay by instalments for residential rates instalments of up to 90 days; waving all interest charges on overdue amounts.

5. Freeze on any rates increase for 12 months;

6. Implement a Council Work From Home Policy;

7. Immediately ban ALL interstate/overseas Council-related travel for six months for all council staff and Councillors;

8. Form a Coronavirus response committee to oversee/coordinate stimulus plans; and

9. Convene a joint meeting of surrounding Councils to discuss a coordinated approach.

10. The introduction of a Hardship and Relief Policy

11. Installation of soap dispensers at all facilities

🗳 2020 Local Government Elections ⚠️

Today the Moreton Bay Regional Council will hold a Special Meeting to approve the CEOs Phase 1 initial package tailored towards Councils financial support for the region.

The package is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and it will provide support to the community and local businesses.

The package aims to provide relief to residents, community organisations and local businesses within the Moreton Bay Region experiencing financial hardship, and to stimulate the local economy in the region.

These measures should be sound and they should be right for the region.

The Coronavirus is and will continue to have an enormous, and unprecedented, impact in our region.

There has been an immediate impact on our community’s social interactions, people’s livelihoods, employment, and businesses.

More work will need to be done by our new Council in the coming weeks and months after the election in regards to how the Council can best give further assistance directly to you.

Once the election results is declared and the caretaker period is over, Council will get started on delivering real support to you.

The Election Day proper for the 2020 Local Government Elections is this Saturday.

Despite the seriousness of the situation continuing to evolve on a daily basis, there remains no suggestion by the State of stopping this election.

The election will continue.

Early Voting Locations

On Election Day Saturday

Voting 9.00am until 6.00pm

Election Day Locations

Telephone Voting

This is a voting alternatively if you are in isolation you will be eligible for phone voting.

Call 1300 912 782 to register for telephone voting.

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Coronavirus Council Response