Vision, Issues & Values

Priorities for our region;

  • Delivery of solutions on traffic congestion
  • Identifying our infrastructure and planning needs
  • Protecting and enhancing the natural environment
  • Caring for and protect our local wildlife
  • Taking the pressure off the cost of living
  • Providing quality services to its residents
  • Take a caring approach to community and youth
  • Nurture and encouraging strong local businesses
  • Supporting local community organisations

Have your say

I want to hear what you have to say about living in the Moreton Bay Region.

If I can understand your needs better, I can advocate for you as a constant strong voice in the Moreton Bay Region.

If you do, head to Have your say to share your thoughts with me.

Leadership for our Community

About Dean

I am not the kind of person who can easily stand back when something needs to be done.

That is why I am stand up for our community consistently.

I have a strong desire to ensure our region:

  • a wonderful place for our families to grow up;
  • that it is a safe place for all of us to live;
  • that we have a great lifestyle to enjoy here.

My pledge is that I will collaborate with local residents to protect and enhance our lifestyles and environment.

Together we can make our division an amazing place to live, work and play.

Available and Acccountable

I want to hear from as many residents from across the region possible.

I want to understand your needs, concerns, ideas and vision for our region so that I can best represent you.

As an elected representative I’d have an open door policy for anyone who has a concern.

I’d invite you as a resident to roll up to Coffee Chats and Mobile Offices anytime without requiring an appointment  – to raise any issue or just to have a discussion about local issues.

I invite you to let me know your concerns.

You can Have your say now.

Dean Teasdale

Authorised by Dean Teasdale Moreton Bay Region