I am a candidate for Council because I want to deliver our community, that I have grown up in, that I live in, that I am raising my young family in and that I am running my small business in a Council that we can all be proud of.

A Council that delivers good divisional local government for all of us.

A modern and progressive local government that excels in the basics like roads, rates, and rubbish and that consults and is open with the community with how these basics are achieved.

A Council that creates new jobs, cares for the environment, and makes sound choices when investing in infrastructure and many other things.

A Council that understands it is the third largest in Australia and accepts the responsibility for being the lifestyle level of government closest to the people.

That is the type of Council that I want to part of from 2021 and beyond.

Our Council needs reform and a new divisional focus on the bona fide business of local government.

Division 7 deserves to have a Councillor who is long term focused and values the interests of residents right across our entire division.

Someone who can help fix our Council and deliver on a vision to protect and enhance the lifestyles of residents in such a rapidly growing division.

Working together alongside the community I can deliver the policies, strategies and plans to ensure that the growth over the next two decades does all those things and more.

I would lead by a vision, strategy, policy and good governance, and a solid long-term plan.

I know that collaborating with the community that good outcomes will be achieved.

Already there has been significant growth and there will continue to be over the decades to come.

Some of the types of housing that we have seen built to meet that growth has not been all on traditional lot sizes.

For some people in our community, this is a difficult adjustment to make to come to terms with others living in housing which is traditionally different from their own.

For those who focused on this change from the perspective of getting the balance right between maintaining the lifestyles of existing residents while many more come to join us, I understand those concerns.

But it is people who make communities not bricks and mortar alone.

The division is facing and will continue to face a challenge of balancing growth and development with maintaining and enhancing the lifestyles of all of us.

Our planning needs are black and white and fewer greys areas to ensure it delivers a division that is a great place for us to live, work and play.

I am standing up for our community because I want to play a positive role in making sure that our division can be the best it can be.

It is time for a back-to-basics approach.

  • Keeping rates low
  • Delivering quality services
  • Protecting and enhancing the local environment
  • Planning in black and white for growth
  • Delivering a transformational, reforming the dynamic organisation
  • Restoring confidence in our Council

I want our Council to take action to respond to these challenges.

It is time to rebuild respect and confidence in council as being for the community and service focused.