We are one the fastest growing regions in the country and along with the opportunities, there will be a number of challenges for the local economy too.

What is lacking right now is a coordinated focus for action across the region by Council.

Across the region, it is time to re-energise the community, investors, and Council policymakers in support of a strong and vibrant economy

It is by working together we will thrive in the better days which are ahead for our region.

Strong leadership and collaborative interests are what is required towards a Moreton Bay Region that is on the forefront of smarts ways of working.

The sharing economy, on-demand working, maker spaces, co-working offices, and business incubators.

That is a Moreton Bay Region which is a place for testing innovative ideas, products and services, laboratory for start-up success.

Engaging in these growing industries should be a key part of a revised stretch for sustainable economic development.

Council will have to lead the way in action and advocating to maintain and improve the required infrastructure to ensure good connectivity with jobs outside of our regional economy.

Most resident workers travel outside of the region.

One of the obvious challenges ahead is in ensuring that the growth in local jobs keeps pace with population growth and unemployment is managed to be below the average for the State as a whole.

An increase in local jobs is important for improving the sustainability and resilience of our regional community.

Another challenge will be a hangover of job creation and employment opportunity land having come under pressure from redevelopment for housing.

Going forward the Council will have to maintain an appropriate balance between land for ensuring that there is the land for new housing while retaining sufficient land for jobs and services to enable sustainable communities.

When walk we talk about Caboolture West one of the key targets of the Regional Growth Management Strategy the focus is on residential development.

For those reasons, the Council needs an Employment Growth Land Plan as part of its Economic Development Strategy.

Our best days are ahead of us when Council.

  • Promotes the creation of new employment through sustainable investment and jobs, building on the region’s strengths and encouraging innovation
  • Provides the leadership to maintain the partnership required to support enterprise, to develop the skills of the local workforce, and promote our region to invest in and work, live, play in one great place.
  • Delivers the required action by working through our partners to improve economic development outcomes in across the region, ensuring that residents more residents have access to a wide range of employment opportunities right here in the Moreton Bay Region.