Local business brings so much to our region. Across Division 7 we are lucky to have many business districts. Retail centres, strip malls, industrial estates and innovative companies doing remarkable things. As well as many micro-businesses operating from homes in all suburbs.

Overall local business brings employment, reduces economic pressures, and invigorates our suburbs. Together this attracts new people to the area, spiking growth in population. In turn creates a need for improved services and facilities provided by Council.

I am also a small business operator. I have been one of those people attracted to the area who came here to raise my young family. I have a mortgage and bills to pay just like you. I understand the pressures associated with increasing living costs on our local families.

We need representatives at all levels of government who can support the community. There is so much more to be done to provide real support to the local business community.

As your elected Councillor, this will be a priority of mine. Supporting the local businesspeople who are supporting our community.