It’s no secret our roads are getting busier.

Making our kids zones safe zones is a priority for now.

It’s critical to achieve a balance between keeping traffic flowing and ensuring safety.

It’s about the safety of our kids on their way to and from school and even when they are playing in our local parks.

It’s all part of a back to basics approach.

Council needs to be listening to school communities and taking action now to address safety concerns on local Council controlled streets and roads.

On main roads Council should be strongly  advocating to the state government to address safety issues and in many cases increase off street parking.

It’s not enough to put up some flashing signs and to reduce the speed limit when more practical issues around safety are being overlooked.

If elected one of my first tasks will be to write to every school P & C in Division 7 and ask them to identify traffic safety issues around their schools.

Council will compile this information and work with the school communities on practical solutions.

If we can address safety issues around our schools we as a Council would have achieved something of great value to our kids and region.

Taking this further safety around our parks like issues around lighting, signage and speed limits also requires a region wide review.

Togther we can make the streets and roads around our schools and parks safer and in many cases get traffic flowing better around them too.