A region that is a safe, accessible and a well-designed community for our youth will be a better Region for all of us.

A place where youth are listened to, treated with respect, and valued for their individual contributions will be a region that benefits from a positive youth community contribution.

Moreton Bay Regional Council should promote a “Youth Friendly Region” through Engagement, Accessible Spaces, and an Inclusive Regional Focus.

This concept of a Moreton Bay Regional Youth Council would be a formal Advisory Committee to Council as define in s 264 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

The role of the committee would be to represent the voice of young people who live, work, study or participate in activities the Moreton Bay Region.

The aim of this program with regards to youth development is to increase the capacity of young people to be engaged in their community and participate in decision making.

Primary Function of the Youth Council

Consult with young people to provide advice and submit recommendations to Council on a range of issues relevant to young people

  1. Act as an advisory committee and respond to inquiries from the Council regarding specific youth issues in Moreton Bay Region.
  2. Identify issues of importance to young people in the Moreton Bay Region and initiate projects to help address these issues
  3. Encourage and support young people to be involved in creating new opportunities and projects for youth
  4. Assist Council to better inform and engage with the Moreton Bay Region’s youth community, and vice versa
  5. Liaise with youth and service agencies within the region to promote youth issues
  6. Consult with Government at all levels to promote youth related issues
  7. Advocate and lobby for better outcomes for young people in Moreton Bay Region
  8. Provide regular feedback to Moreton Bay Regional Council on the Youth Council’s achievements

Key Responsibilities

Youth Council will be expected to provide responses to the following:

  1. The needs and expectations of the young people in Moreton Bay Region
  2. Enquiries from the Council regarding specific youth issues in the Moreton Bay Region


Membership of the Youth Council will be open for twenty-five young people aged between 12 and 24 years who live, work or study in the Moreton Bay Region.