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Dean For Division 7

My pledge to Division 7 is that I will collaborate with local residents to protect and enhance our lifestyles and environment.

Together we can make our division an amazing place to live, work and play.

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Ready To Serve Our Region


Connection To Community

I grew up in the Moreton Bay Region.  I still live here now so that I can provide my growing family with that family-friendly neighbourhood feeling that I had when I was younger and like we have right here in Division 7.

I’m 44 years old, and together with my partner Trisha, I have five children all still at home. Trisha is a Registered Nurse, and I am so proud of her contribution to the health of our community, particularly over the last two years.

My children play sport here at community clubs.

My extended family also live right here in Murrumba Downs. I work across the suburbs of Dakabin, Kallangur and Griffin on a daily basis.


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There are plenty of ways you can assist with the Dean for Division 7 campaign.

Volunteering is a great way to spend time with others, and we have lots of jobs that we need lots of hands to help with.

There’s a role to suit you!

From letter box drops to putting a sign up in your yard to By-election Day booth support and so much more.

If you’re available and interested to support the Dean for Division 7 campaign, we’re keen to chat with you.

Simply submit your interest via our Volunteer form.

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Authorised by H.Dobson, 4 Paroo Pl, Murrumba Downs for D.Teasdale (Candidate)