Neighbourhood Plans

I want to talk to Division 7 about ensuring our sustainable development future for us and the whole region.

Moreton Bay Regional Council has started a process to change the way that planning happens here in our community.

I am standing as a Candidate for Councillor in Division 7 to make sure that Council gets this right.

If elected to Council I consider one of the most important actions that I could immediately take would be to listen to the communities’ concerns on the new Neighbourhood Plans Council is proposing.

I would openly share relevant information, discuss issues, promote community awareness, and advise Council on its strategies, policies and programs on sustainability specifically related to climate change, waste, water and water sensitive urban design, sustainable buildings, wildlife habitat and open space.

I would advise and assist Moreton Bay Regional Council in developing and monitoring the current policies, programs and projects designed to address the environmentally sustainability of our region.

I do not expect all the thirteen people elected to Council to have all the ideas and solutions to the problems created over the past years.

I am looking towards using the available mechanisms right now to get the community involved in this important planning process and to allow the space required for the experts to make the best decisions possible.

Voters may not realise just how important their decision in Division 7 will be to the future planning of the entire region.

I get it and you cannot fake or imitate an understanding and engagement with this planning need.

Moreton Bay Regional Council should before making any further Neighbourhood Planning decisions:

Provide formal pathways for community input.

Provide regular, formal feedback to Council; and

Facilitate formal networks and communication between Council and selected stakeholders.

Review the composition of the Community Engagement Committee which is one way Council engages with community to obtain local input, expertise, and participation to inform planning and decision making.

As I said previously this would be a major step towards shifting the focus onto a sustainable future and addressing many of the issues created by the overdevelopment of the past.

I cannot stress enough how concerned I am that this process of Neighbourhood Plans needs strong leadership and strategic thinking if it has any chance of success here in Division 7 and then applied throughout the region.

I want to champion planning change across our region.

I do not want to be one of the many residents in suburbs across the region who point to the Councillor in Division 7 as the start of another massive planning failure.

Watching 20+ years of planning disappear with a stroke of a pen should be a concerning prospect.

We must work together to get this right.

I am ready to serve our community from day one and to engage with this process and ensure we get the best possible outcomes for Division 7.

As your elected Councillor I will:

  • Provide a forum for high-level aspects of environmental sustainability;
  • Respond to community initiated issues with advice, feedback and recommendations;
  • Openly bring up issues of community concern that the Council should know about or take a role in;
  • Provide advice and comment on frameworks and priorities for the implementation of sustainable development strategies and programs by Moreton Bay Regional Council;
  • Share information and provide advice on community activities relating to sustainable development, identifying opportunities for ongoing sustainable development programs and projects;
  • Promote community awareness and support for opportunities and actions required to achieve sustainable development in the region;
  • Engage the local community, organisations, stakeholders and networks in sustainable development projects and initiatives;
  • Listen to the concerns on Councils processes, structures and programs that should be implemented to further sustainable development in our community.

Authorised by H.Dobson, 4 Paroo Pl, Murrumba Downs for D.Teasdale (Candidate)