We live in one of the fastest growing regions in the country

I am a candidate for Council because I want to deliver the place, that I have grown up in, that I live in, that I am raising my family in and that I am running my small business in a Council that we can all be proud of.

A Council that delivers good divisional local government for all of us.

A modern and progressive local government that excels in the basics like roads, rates, and rubbish and that consults and is open with the community with how these basics are achieved.

A Council that creates new jobs, cares for the environment, and makes sound choices when investing in infrastructure and many other things.

A Council that understands it is the third largest in Australia and accepts the responsibility for being the lifestyle level of government closest to the people.

That is the type of Council that I want to be part of from 2021 and beyond.

As your elected Councillor, I will ensure:


  • Our division has a growing economy that promotes a diversity of local job.
  • We have a range of housing that meets community needs
  • Residents of the community have walkable access to ‘everyday’ needs
  • All residents have access to well designed and well located community facilities
  • Community buildings and public spaces are well designed, and encourage community interaction
  • Every resident has access to open spaces close to where they live
  • We have have an integrated transport system that prioritises and encourages walking, cycling and public transport and targets a reduction in car usage
  • Division 7  is a cooler, greener and more sustainable complete place to live.

Ideas, Concepts, Action

Youth Council

Youth Council

A region that is a safe, accessible and a well-designed community for our youth will be a better Region for all of us. A place where youth are listened to, treated with respect, and valued for their individual contributions will be a region that benefits from a...

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Making local roads safer

Making local roads safer

It's no secret our roads are getting busier. Making our kids zones safe zones is a priority for now. It's critical to achieve a balance between keeping traffic flowing and ensuring safety. It's about the safety of our kids on their way to and from school and even when...

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Authorised by H.Dobson, 4 Paroo Pl, Murrumba Downs for D.Teasdale (Candidate)