What are the most significant planning issues facing the local region?

In our region, there has been significant growth and there will continue to be over the decades to come.
Some of the types of housing that we have seen built to meet that growth has not been on traditional lot sizes.

For some people in our community, this is a difficult adjustment to come to terms with others living in housing which is different from their own.

I understand the need to get the balance right between maintaining the lifestyles of existing residents while many more come to join us.

But it is people who make communities, not bricks and mortar alone.

The region is facing a challenge of balancing growth and development with maintaining and enhancing the lifestyles of all of us.

Our planning needs more black and white and less greys areas to ensure it delivers a region that is a great place for us to live, work and play.

I am standing up for our community because I want to play a positive role in making sure that our region can be the best it can be.

As your elected Councillor I will:

  • Work with the State to deliver local government components of priority infrastructure
  • Advocate to address affordability by proving certainty around land supply
  • Promote that Development Applications should undergo a Risk Assessment profiling determining what pathway they will  take to a decision
  • Provide practical support for not-for-profit providers in emergency and affordable housing
  • Identify development Incentives which are fit for purpose
  • Keep our regions land market competitive by promoting a 50% discount on rates for first homebuyers for the first 12 months.
  • Stand up for the delivery of overdue infrastructure like the North South Arterial Road upgrades at Griffin.
  • Promote a just get it done approach to a raised crossing at Youngs Crossing
  • Lobby to double the budget for the Regional Growth Management Strategy
  • Revisit a revised Local Government Infrastructure Plan
  • Fast track any Planning Scheme Amendments needed to facilitate land supply in low risk greenfield and brownfield zones
  • Promote the establishment of a Moreton Bay Regional Housing Advisory Committee with resident stakeholders and industry experts.
  • Set in place design excellent standards which would see compliant applications on a designated track to decision.

Authorised by H.Dobson, 4 Paroo Pl, Murrumba Downs for D.Teasdale (Candidate)