Retail Renewal

Supporting small businesses which are the backbone of the local community will be a key driver for the regions future economic prosperity.

Our region’s population is set to grow by 240,000 people over the next two decades.

Giving our local and independent retailers a boost up is a significant opportunity for Council.

The Shopping Precinct Renewal Program I am proposing would be an initiative of Council aimed at helping small businesses located in shopping strips thrive.

The aim will be to revitalise areas and improve the pedestrian enjoyment, walkability and presentation of the shopping strips.

The program would seek to improve the amenity, connectivity and safety for locals and residents, contributes to and encourages local economic development, and enhances the community’s sense of place at neighbourhood centres.

A shopfront is often a customer’s first interaction with a bricks and mortar business – either before or after an online experience.

Going further Council’s Economic Development Unit should provide an individualised Storefront Improvement Program.

A Council-funded program would aim to improve the visual presentation of shopfronts and the overall look and feel of small shopping strips and neighbourhood centres.

Council should engage a team of shopfront and visual merchandising consultants, to assist participating businesses with designs and recommendations.

The desired result is an overall improvement throughout the shopping precincts of Division 7  if a high uptake of the program is achieved.

As your elected Councillor I will:

  • Esnure one-on-one consultation with participating businesses to develop an achievable shopfront design that fits in with individual business budgets
  • Facilitate new branding or identity for each participating business to use in their updated shopfronts and for future web and social media marketing of their business
  • Provide a hands-on approach for an instant makeover, with some of the implementation costs subsidised through the program
  • Advocate for the consistent quality of signage to be demonstrated through the participating businesses

Authorised by H.Dobson, 4 Paroo Pl, Murrumba Downs for D.Teasdale (Candidate)